YouTube optimisation

A YouTube growth strategy that had gone awry, the client needed support in taking a bold step in a new direction and a refocus on organic growth


Convinced on a future vision for the company and understanding that opportunity was being left on the table, GOTO engaged us to imagine this path.

We pitched a re-brand and changes to their production to improve the content quality also exploring a potential redirection for the company exploring opportunities in the product and development communities.

We settled on an initial piece of work focusing on YouTube optimisation. Their channel was heavily fuelled by paid ads and so the challenge here was to show how changes could improve long term performance for the channel whilst minimising but also accepting short term losses.

My Role

Provide consultation and direction for the team, providing a framework for experimentation and enabling the team to deliver against our plan for organic growth.


  • We provided a platform for organic growth with clear actions based on a series of experiments

  • Thumbnail testing resulted in 26.7% improved CTR.

  • Our title testing and keyword optimisation improved views by 7.28%

  • We experimented with different forms of content, including short form content, a more engaging intro and providing a different overlays to encourage subscriptions

  • Take over of their Instagram to drive views to the channel

  • We did some research around potential partnerships and experimented with sponsored newsletters.

  • Video publication framework so that the client could continue with our experiments and imrovements.

  • Refined newsletter subscription base through re-engagement campaigns and sunsetting re-engaging 30% of the identified population.

  • Furthermore we provided a bunch of recommendations for continued improvements.